Citizens of Pomerania of New York City!!!

There are some doggies and kitties out there who have been displaced by hurricane sandy and they need your help— It’s a matter of life and death!

Can you foster or adopt a kitty or a doggy? They even have tiny kittens who need a home, and medical and food will be probided at no cost to you

“If you can open your home to a homeless animal, please fill out the foster application here get it back to us as soon as possible. In the application, please specify what type of animal you’re prepared to foster (Dog/Puppy, Cat/Kitten or a full litter of bottle babies). We want to pre approve as many qualified foster parents as possible so please fill out the application thoroughly and indicate whether you have any constraints on how long you can foster for, and whether you have any pets currently.

If you’re not able to foster an animal, you can still with a donation to ADOPT NY that will go directly to this mission.

As we mentioned, AC&C has not been able to put out a euthanasia list yet, so we have no information on gender, age, breeds, etc. However, below are the most recent links (pre storm) to animals inside the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island shelters.



At this time we cannot accept foster applications from people outside a 25 mile radius of Manhattan. You must be within an hour’s drive and be prepared to come to shelters to pick up your foster animals.”


Your Pal,  


Foster homes are urgently needed in New York. Following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, the NYCACC is planning to destroy as many as 200 animals beginning tomorrow morning. Please consider taking one or two animals in. See the link attached and read how you can help. In the meantime, please help me spread the call for help by re-posting here on Tumblr as well as on Facebook, Twitter and other social-networking sites.

Thank you for your help. 

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